Sunday, March 07, 2010

Celebrity knitter sighting!

I met Rachael! Yarnagogo Rachel! She gave me a publicity card for her new book, and I was such a social dork I just put it in my knitting bag. (Full disclosure- I actually knit with her one before, and she remembered me, but this was an in the wild sighting.) She is very nice, and has a lovely blog. Go look, I'll wait.

I also drove four hundred miles today to a rural area where I bought my ebay car. It is a nice looking junker, and I am ever so grateful to be a two (functioning) car family. Life will be so much easier. When you have a kid in childcare, pick up time is absolute. If I am late, it is $1 a minute, and if you do it three times, you are out of the program. Taking the bus to work adds three hours to my day. It only take twenty-thirty min to drive. So, yes, very happy to have a second car!

Otherwise, back to my Cocoknits sweater. I have to work up the intestinal fortitude to rip the borders off the Amish abstraction inspired quilt. blergh. it is a lot of mileage to rip.

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AlisonH said...

Congratulations on the new car and the more relaxed and far shorter commute time! May it run well for a long time to come.