Sunday, March 21, 2010

Face Pot Holder Lady- Person

Inspired by Deb Browden's wonderful blog, I made my own lady potholder. Not as cute as the vintage one shown, she could be the beginning of yet another weird obsession...I used four layers of cotton batting inside and a piece of jeans for the back. The little lump on the right was an attempt to indicate an ear- however in the few seconds it took to sew around to the other side, I had forgotten about it. A more symmetrical sister will have to follow, I suppose!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wooly says that's one fine lady. I bet she makes a mean kugel.

Kath said...

Hello, I came across from Debs Blog to see your pot holder. Yes I can see how this could become an ongoing addiction LOL
I particularly like your fishes, they are gorgeous. I am not a doll or teddy person, but I would like a funky fish :D
Come over and see my dogs at Railway cottage. best wishes from England