Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Will Survive!

This past January, while I was cleaning the kitchen, I heard a little song coming from behind the microwave. It had a disco beat and an oddly familiar tune
Once I was a yam in a bad place,
A sad place,
Heading for the stove.
Then I pulled my self together
rolled behind the microwave,
Layed down low...and now (music swells)
I! I will survive!
I ain't no candied yam,
I ain't no sweet potato pie!
I growing cute green shoots,
I'm becoming who I am,
and I! Will! Survive!!!"

What else could i do but look for disco toothpicks and a glass of water?


Anonymous said...

It's great!!.............................................

Anonymous said...

OMG.......... I love it ! Did you know that is how I grew a whole slew of potatoes the very same way- I found a potato with shoots in the pantry and I planted it in may and in september I had potatoes!!!
Maggie in MI

Anonymous said...

That is fabulous and disgusting all at once. I love it! I was singing the yam song to my dogs.

j said...

Did you know that during the Depression women who loved a bit of "green" but could not afford flour much less flower would sprout a sweet potato for its lovely vine. Thank you for following such a lovely tradition. I have had a sweet potato vine almost every year of my life - learned it from my Grandmother (many years gone but still missed). I only recently found out this tidbit of history. But it makes me smile and so did your seems very appropriate to the spirit of the sprouted potato...and to the memory of our foremothers - who epitomized "survive".

AlisonH said...

Oh, that's priceless! And an inspiration, given the two large potatoes sprouting in my kitchen, demanding I go plant them.

Lynn E said...

I just had to start singing. ...
practicing up a bit me ma my mo mu...