Friday, September 09, 2011

Meet Winnie

Despite my high hopes, it looked like our relationship was doomed from the start.  Thankfully, only the box was damaged.

Written on the inside was a clue to her past.  Despite searching, though, I haven't found out anything other than what is written here.  I do know she came from Maine, but I don't know if the real Winnie is from there.

Doll bodies always look preposterous.  Something about the little detached bodies and arms makes me both giggle and cringe.  But, all dolls go through this stage.
I would never be able to find or afford the right hands and feet, so I painted them.  Wouldn't you want a pair of these red boots?  I would!

Little hands, in a spoon shape, also painted.

Forgot to show you the painted garters, also copied from feet of the period.
And, here she is.  Meet Winnie.  The clothes are more practice garments than anything else.  I am awaiting some books to make the next clothes, and the underwear.  But I hate the site of a naked doll.  They look forgotten.  Gingham is nice for practice garments, because the checks serve as a built in measuring tape.

I think she looks pleased with her latest person.
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Michele Bilyeu said...

The porcelain head gives Winnie a unique and lovely look. But I love your own hand painted ones just as well. They are all quite lovely!!!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

One of my favorite songs "Hello Dolly!"

Magpie Sue said...

Congrats on your find! I'm sure she appreciates the clohtes, even if they are temporary. I'd hate to sit around without a stitch on if I were a doll!