Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Much better day. We were so short that the manager had to take a patient. Most excellent. She refused my offer of the extra scrubs in my locker, and I had the satisfaction of the patient's mother sneaking over to my bedside and asking- " uhm, is that lady a real nurse? I mean, she doesn't look like one...." Ah yes, most excellent . Also, the ward clerk, who for those of you who are not nurses- the ward clerk is the goddess and ruler of the domain- the ward clerk was supremely helpful in chiding the manager for her lack of gratitude and appreciation of the ward clerks helpfulness. Some posturing, yes, but also, like hey, the nurses always say thank you when I bring them stuff, so you better, too.

My unresponsive kiddo made a small step towards going to rehab- to do what, I don't know, but a step out of the child hell that is the PICU.

Did I mention a week and a half of vacation? MY very best friend, also a knitter, also a nurse, is coming to see me for Halloween.

tomorrow, we have costume parade of the preschoolers, and I am going with a very fine looking cow. A boy Cow, not a girl cow. MOOOOOO

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AdamantAzoth said...

So, did you check out this posting?

It looks like what, pre-knit felting?

And congratulations on your blog.