Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bitter and Dark

Ok, not a cheerful day, and not because someone died. Actually, it's because someone keeps trying to die, and we won't let him. For months and months, this child has been sick, sicker, sickest. Coded many times. No speech, no vision, no reaction- except to pain- no hope. At least, that's how it seemed to his nurse today. Just endless ICU days and nights, with regular pokes and turns and disturbances, and now and again one of us puts his headphones on, and I don't even know if he likes this music- I hope so, but his parents brought it in. Did I mention the constant diarrhea? I mean, whats worse, constantly leaking stool, or constantly being wiped on your raw little butt? That can't be comfortable. Pain control? Hah. The theory is that he is too far gone to feel pain. If I'm ever this far gone- and I hope not- slip me something, ok? ANyone else out there want to have DNR tatooed on their chest? Damn, it was a sucky day in the ICU.

On the knitting front- nothing.
Does it ever bother anyone else that knitting is now so popular that even mean people are learning to knit?

Husband is working to night. The children are blissfully eating noodles. I may possibly try to spin something

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