Friday, October 28, 2005

Fishy Happiness

We built a modest fishpond in the back yard. (Why can't the term "Back Garden" catch on in this country? It's so much nicer, but it sounds stupid for an American to use the term. It's certainly not large enough to be a yard. I think we measure at 23' x 30, or something pathetic like that. When the older son first saw my mom's Midwestern house, he looked out the back door and said "Mom! Grandma has a park in her backyard!")

Oh, yes, I digress. We need to put some trim around the top to hide the black pond liner. The fountain runs from a solar panel , graciously hosted by the neighbors garage roof. The fish were put in yesterday when we noticed mosquito larvae and decided that becoming an encephalitis hotspot would not endear us to the neighbors. Or their garage roof.

On the knitting front, I am overdyeing some bulky something that was once a jacket with fur trim ( yuck) . I'm trying to tone down the purple aqua color to more of a dark purple. We shall see. The yarn- or rather the jacket- was a store sample that was given to me by the store owner when we were friends. But then two years ago, we became unfriends, based on what was, I think, a huge misunderstanding. Just like on Gilligans Island, except no cocoanuts were thrown. ANyway, the jacket got ripped out, as I couldn't stand to wear it, and the yarn has been hanging around for a while. If it still makes me sad, I'll knit a bunch of hats for afghans for Afghans

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AdamantAzoth said...

I'm thinking that those are some very happy fish.