Monday, October 24, 2005

I Lost the Blog

No. Really. I found this really cool backgroundy stuff and links and stuff. I put in the tagline. I filled out my profile. My husband asked about the blog and I said I'm not really sure where it is. He said, "what does that mean?" I said "I kinda hoped you would find it for me. You're the technical expert." Fortunately when he went to blogger the kind folks there had anticipated the totally clueless and had provided a way to recover not only your password, but also your username. That's when I found out that my username and my blog name and my blog's name were all different. Who woulda thunk? Anyway I found the blog .I don't actually expect any readers, but this may force me to write.

So, lessee. I spent the day sick in bed- really sick. Barely able to knit. This evening I perked up enough to finish the hat made from a bulky single from the rainbow batt from

Tommorow- back to work, I guess, though if anyone with a cold like mine came near my kid in the ICU, I'd throw my body accross their ET tube to prevent the march of the rhino virus.

Picture of the hat tommorow, after I figure out how to work the digital vamera. I know how to get the pictures IN, silly. It's getting them OUT.

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Elliott said...

Woo hoo! You have a blog.