Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Constant Motion

I have never seen a dog as bouncy as this one. I still can't get a decent photo. He gets his first haircut at the end of next week, and I would really like a baby picture. I've actually never seen him asleep, either. He must wake up instantly upon hearing me move.

Made a few more turtles. Got bored with the black background squares, though, so I got some black with white dots to sort of lively things up. I am supposed to paper piece the wave blocks. This sounds tedious. I may just free piece them.

I had a long day at work where I got nothing done except paperwork. My patients didn't get much closer to discharge, and I just threw my hands up at orders that were not written in a timely manner and families who didn't want to come in. Usually, I am more proactive, wheedling the orders out of the docs and being kind but firm to the families. But today, no. I just shrugged, and started working on a paper work project my boss wants done by next week.

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AlisonH said...

A long day, and it might not have been productive in the way you preferred, but you got something done that needed doing, and that's good in itself.

Your newest member of the family looks like a small black bear. Very cute.