Monday, July 14, 2008

I'mm Hooommeee!

Look, scenery! Beaches, oceans, relaxation, waves, snorkeling, swimming, swimming, swimming.
They have a quilt store. A very friendly, very welcoming, very well stocked quilt store, with lots of things we don't see on the mainland. Not pictured are the Japanese indigos that are in the wash right now.

I also bought a Lisa Boyer pattern ( She of That Dorky Homemade Look fame. How can you not love a woman who says that people who can only make a triangle with three sides are not being very creative?) I am not a pattern buyer, as a rule, because I am not a pattern follower. (Really, Laura, when did that happen? ahem) This pattern, however is really worth the money. It's a technique I've never thought of for a quilt with a lot of scope for freedom and the text of the pattern is laugh out loud funny. This turtle quilt needs sixteen turtles, and here are five of them.

I knit quite a lot of the sweater- the whole yoke. I have started the lace pattern, but my brain required a lot of coddling to follow a lace pattern, so I stalled out there. I did also have the sock. I always forget to take pictures of socks, because, well, they always look like socks. It's great to be home. I missed every room, except the kitchen. The kitchen and I, we are not so good. But everything else, yay, house!


cher said...

cute turtles!

jmbmommy said...

The turtles are great...I am so impressed how many you have done.

susan said...

oh i adore those turtles!!
i wish i knew someone that really liked turtles!!