Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Puppy

It is really, really hard to take a picture of a creature that never stops moving. This is the best I could do. May I present Magic? I got voted out of Wally, Cosmo, and Lucky. So far, so, good. He has made potty outside and been polite about being in his crate. Well, sort of polite. You can tell he'd rather be tearing the place up, and we haven't hit on a toy that fascinates him, yet.

Ginger, the old dog, has developed a droll interest in dog toys that we are finding very amusing. SHe has also deigned to play with puppy for a brief, queenly moment. Wish me luck.


AlisonH said...

Black Magic. I like it. Although, it's kind of an Elmo face there.

Laurie Ann said...

Fantastic! Someday I would like a standard poodle. I've had several mini from when I was a child. I have a GSD now named Roogrr who I often call my "Noodle." Have fun!!