Friday, July 25, 2008

Towel Robe

Here's the towel robe I made today. Pattern from Sew Mama Sew. It is full of mistakes and issues, but it still works as a robe. As Clare says, "Finished is better than perfect"! Glad I wasn't making the first one as a gift! My son is at the upper end of the pattern size, and a little measuring would have gone a long way, here.

My first mistake was to not make the sleeves wider than the pattern called for. I think looser would be better- maybe an eight inch drop rather than a six inch. The short sleeves are brilliant, though. My kid hates sleeves getting in his way. My second mistake was the placement of the button holes. My machine balked at making button holes on thick terry cloth. I decided to make a bound button hole, instead, and while I was wrapped up in that I forgot that the button holes needed to be close to the binding. Next time, I think I will make loops out of bias tape. Once I realized that the button holes were too far over, it was too late- I had cut the holes. Sooooo I added the inside flap that you see in the photo below.
I had to piece leftovers for the inside flap, having already cut into the left overs from the under arm to make pockets. Not as pretty as it could be, but serviceable. The final screw up- er learning experience- was that I choose bias tape that was too wide. Somehow I thought that was easier to deal with, but no, wrinkle mania. If I were making this as a gift, I would most likely hand sew on the bias tape.

Even with all these issues, my son likes it, and with any luck, we will see less of his nekkid self after baths.


susan said...

hehe nekkid
oh it is too cute
i have to ask, what exactly did they think your breath was going to do to the quilt???
i mean, how bad could it have been????

AlisonH said...

Cool! Don't show my daughter, she'll want me to make her 5'11" self one too.

Anonymous said...

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