Friday, November 04, 2005

Back at it

Worked today. Had about six hours before I could pee, eat, or drink anything. There was no amount of time management that could have ameliorated today. The manager was all excited by how busy it was. What can I say? My back hurts, my feets hurt, my head hurts, and I'm wicked tired. I also worked with this whiny manipulative BABY of a nurse, and that sucked.

On the other hand, I carped so much to the doc about how I could not turn my kid with out his oxygen saturation dropping that she carped to the pulmonologist and he bronched the kid at the bedside. Where we found a little piece of ballon right above the carina. Acting tlike a little valve, and occluding the airway. He went to the OR for a rigid bronch where they could remove it, and he was much less work after this. But, of course, it was time for me to go home. SO, I get the satisfaction of being part of finding out why this kid was so sick, and maybe now he will get better.

My turkish sock maically fell off the needles, and so I have a fun filled evening of getting it back on.

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