Friday, November 18, 2005

Is status a bitch, or am I?

Our hospital recently created a lovely web site for each unit. Pictures, profiles of the docs, the whole nice thing. There's even a list of nearby restaurants and hotels, for family from far away. And on this site, under the smiling photos of each they list the names of our esteemed surgeons, our intensivists, dieticians, pharmacists, secretaries, physical therapists, respiratory therapists. Then there are the pictures of the nurses. We are smiling, too. Our names are not listed. We are "staff".

Why do I care? I don't know. Don't I know that nurses are seen as glorified waitresses? Yeah I do. Didn't I hope for better? I did.

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Linda said...

No, no - unfair! Having just spent a week in the hospital myself, I know the nurses are MOT gloriied waitresses. You certainly deserve having your names displayed, and I would mention that to the "powers that be" if possible. In any case, know that your patients and their families certainly do not view you in that way. To them, you are more likely seen as an "angel".