Thursday, November 10, 2005

Clean Laundry

...As in, I want some. I know how it works, natch, I just don't want to do it. I just want to HAVE it. Sort of like a flat stomach, a clean house, and a balanced check book. Hmmm.

Spent the first of two days off obsessing about work, cleaning, folding, washing, with intermittent knitting. I'm doing an EPS sweater (see for all thing Zimmerman/Swansen). I think I will do the yoke as a Box the Compass from Meg's book. In a nice dark brown of Cascade Eco Wool, from the best yarn store in the East Bay, Creative Accents. (sadly, no web site. It's a hands on place, in San Leandro.)

In other world news, I went to Target and spent less than $50. I shall check my temperature and take two tylenol, just to be sure.


woolywoman said...

Good G-d! You told me that you would NOT air our dirty laundry in public when you started this blog so what's the deal with the picture?

(Mr. Woolywoman)

AdamantAzoth said...