Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The scarf knitter? Pain In The Ass. It takes two balls of eyelash to make a respectable scarf, and I only have one ball of each. Also, immpossible to do stripes. Brings out the worst in eyelash, as mistakes cannot be seen untill the whole damn thing unravels. Argghhhh. There is no shortcut on the road to hell.

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Catherine said...

my mom sent me this site...I don't know why...maybe because I am a nursing student and you are a nurse. I don't knit, but she loves to. But I really enjoyed reading your stuff and your back garden is very nice. I have been trying to get a back garden or even just a small flower spot for a while now to no avail. I should be at clinicals today, but I am too sick to be around my patient! I did my first G-tube feed yesterday and am starting to feel like a nurse, but wow, is it so much work!!!! Be proud of your accomplishments because I know what it took to get there!
Happy knitting, Catherine