Sunday, November 13, 2005


Can I believe I had two nice days at work? Not crazy busy, just nice. It makes such a difference when I work with nice people. The staffer actually apologized to me when she phoned the unit to say that the secretary was sick and she had no replacement to send. A staffer, apologizing to a nurse? Never happened to me before.

Now, I have fed the dogs, the boys are at a field trip, and I am blogging. How nice life is. Last year I bought a lot of those instant firelogs, and now I am studiously burning one a night. Our 1917 house has no central heat, and we are thinking we will put a gas log with a blower in the fire place. I need to get rid of these logs, and having one flicker away every night is very pleasant. I'm also baking brownies. Nice how seamlessly my reentry into family life can be when work is pleasant.

Still knitting the EPS sweater. Just bought Knitting Way by Linda Skolnick.

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AdamantAzoth said...

I really like those firelogs too.