Thursday, November 03, 2005

Too Curly For Me

When the youngest son, the Charmer, doesn't want to do something, he always gives a reason. It may be a completely nonsensical reason, but it will be, none the less, his final word on the activity. Today, when asked to put the raincoat on, he said quite convincingly, "oh no, it's too curly for me." And that was it. It was a raincoat- not a boucle sweater. But none the less, too curly.

Well, my best friend got on the airplane today, back to work in her ICU, and tomorrow I go back to work in my ICU, and our parting words, after the kind of long, hard hugs that almost help say goodbye were these: "I'm very curly about leaving you".

Here is the little tree she bought as a souvenir, packed by moi so that it cannot be damaged en route. When you work every day with people who have been maimed, twisted, harmed, damaged, and half destroyed by random and non random accidents, missteps, mistakes and bad luck, it is hard to let your loved ones go out into the world.

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